An intentionally different approach to litigation

Our personal, client-centric approach to litigation is intentionally different, because our experience has proven that direct communication with clients fosters trust and puts us on a trajectory to accomplish your legal goals.

Simmerman Law has extensive experience in litigation procedures and effective trial practice. Our focus on winning at trial guides our strategy in each case to achieve our clients’ commercial and legal objectives.
— Trey Simmerman


In advising our clients, we handle matters at the time a concern arises, in anticipation of litigation, and through the trial and appellate process.  Occasionally, we have also been retained as co-counsel or substitute counsel to address new issues that have arisen in litigation.
Our mission is to work hands on with our clients to develop and implement effective strategies to achieve our clients’ goals in litigation – in a cost-effective manner.  


Simmerman Law’s reputation and the longevity or our client relationships and successes are grounded in practical, thorough and ethical representation, which has earned the respect of our peers, clients and adversaries. 

Despite the small statute or our firm, Simmerman Law represents many regional and national clients, in addition to state clients.